About Leaf Leather

Our History is more about you and me, than us.

That is to say, everything we have done is created for you in mind and likewise every heartfelt comment and suggestion you have given us, has been fused into our designs.

It is your loyalty that keeps us going year after year. Your eagerness to see “what’s new?” evolves our styles. This partnership, if you will, is “our” history; one does not have one without the other. Because of the longevity of the items, (some we have seen 30 years later). We have learned to keep to classic styles and silhouettes. You won’t find the “it” bag of the moment, because when the shine fades, you won’t want to wear it anymore and that is the completely opposite of our loyal fans. They want to wear it, caress it, and hold it for as long as they can. So we created styles that are updated but functional, including pockets for readers and phones, combined the best garment leather with a intricate leaf inspired raised texture, that begs to be touched and  built them to last using the finest materials and lining them with leather not cloth.