How to take care of your Purchase

It helps to know that first and foremost, leather is durable and it won’t show wear for a very long time.

Wiping the bottom with a lightly damp cloth to keep it clean, so that you can display it prominently on your counter, is recommended.  If you do own a product like saddle soap, that would be okay as well.

Instead of buying a fancy leather dressing, using a little petroleum jelly on your fingertips, will help keep the design work moisturized.

Unless of course you accidentally take it river-rafting, well that actually turned out all right.

Imagine my surprise when after commenting to a woman, on how well her handbag looked, she countered with, “do I have a story for you!” While vacationing, her husband decided that they should go down the Colorado River. In the parking lot signs posted read, DO NOT LEAVE ANY VALUABLES IN THE CAR. Since I considered your bag a valuable, I took it with me. Well first thing, it went flying out into the river, I’m yelling to my husband, “my bag fell out!” He’s waving back at me, like we are having a good time and I start going thru my mind what I had in there, hmm, I can replace the credit cards, the photos of the kids, my license, makeup, but  I can’t replace the bag. I grumpily sat thru 2 miles of rapids just hoping… and lo and behold, the rapids calmed, the river took a bend and there on the bank we spotted my bag! It’s was like the angels were singing, the sun was kissing the earth and we were able to jetty up and get my bag back. I allowed it to dry naturally and have continued to love it ever since!

Now the secret here is if your bag ever falls into a massive amount of water always let it dry naturally and don’t do what another gentleman did when he called and said, “I fell out of my boat and my wallet got soaked, but I can’t use it anymore,” perplexed I said, “send it to me and I’ll see what I can do.” When a square box arrived, I was surprised, this could have been shipped in a smaller flatter package and save postage, especially being this was coming from Alaska. Upon opening it, I understood, he had tried to dry it by putting it into the microwave! The crumbled twisted mess of a wallet was not able to be saved. He so loved his wallet, he ordered a replacement, which we did at a discount.