Made in the USA

Saying we make everything in the USA, is a proud achievement, especially for artists such as ourselves.

As artists, we strive to be competitive in a world that is used to the price points of imports and compete for shelf space. Many may not realized what it takes to create products here at home.  We face many challenges, from suppliers who close because of the economy and needing to find new ones, or as in our case, to buy leather in volume, to keeping our prices at manageable levels.

We also do our best to ‘buy local.’ The hand-tags we use come from an old school printer in NYC.  The leather, lining, zippers and hardware are all bought from American companies. We revel in the fact that we are still standing strong, when so many of the “big name” companies have gone overseas for manufacturing.

A big part of our success is due to the store owners, which recognize and believe in carrying American made. It is their support and the loyalty of their customers that keep us going.

In appreciation, it is up to us to create, using American materials, the best handcrafted leathergoods line that cannot be bought anywhere else.